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Welcome to the Sondius-XG Website.

Press Releases: 

  • 10/01/98: Stanford and Yamaha Sign Korg Inc. as Sondius-XG Licensee 
  • 07/09/97: Press Release announcing Stanford and Yamaha's strategic partnership. 

Come back and visit us frequently and continue to learn about this exciting new product!


Licensing Information, Stanford University: 
Mary K. Watanabe


Technical Information, Yamaha:
Kyoko Fujii


Staccato Information:
Joe Koepnick (650) 254-1971
Staccato Systems, Inc.
Editorial Information:
Sharon Hawkins (916) 341-1015
Liza Cannon (310) 226-3065

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 Last updated on Thursday, May 13, 1999.